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Planning and Zoning Commission


The Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals have been combined into one single body (Planning and Zoning Commission) pursuant to Village Council action that took place on May 9, 2022.  Please see Section 2-1 of the Village Code for more information regarding the makeup and duties of this newly formed Commission.


Per Section 2-1-6 of the Village Code, the Planning and Zoning Commission is vested with the following jurisdiction and authority:

(1) To hear and decide appeals from any order, requirement, decision, or determination made by the Zoning Administrator under this Code;

(2) To hear and decide variations from the terms provided in this Code in the manner and subject to the standards set forth in Section 9-10-6;

(3) To recommend changes and amendments to this Code and the official zoning map;

(4) To prepare and recommend to the Mayor and Council a comprehensive plan for the present and future development or redevelopment of the Village. Such plan may be adopted in whole or in separate geographical or functional parts, each of which, when adopted, shall be the official comprehensive plan, or part thereof, of the Village. This plan may include reasonable requirements with reference to streets, alleys, public grounds, and other improvements hereinafter specified. The plan, as recommended by the Planning and Zoning Commission and as thereafter adopted, may be made applicable, by the terms thereof, to land situated within the corporate limits and contiguous territory not more than one and one-half miles beyond the corporate limits and not included in any municipality. Such plan may be implemented by ordinances to implement the following provisions:

(a) Establishing reasonable standards of design for subdivisions and for re-subdivisions of unimproved land and of areas subject to redevelopment in respect to public improvements as herein defined;
(b) Establishing reasonable requirements governing the location, width, course, and surfacing of public streets and highways, alleys, ways for public service facilities, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, street lights, parks, playgrounds, school grounds, size of lots to be used for residential purposes, storm water drainage, water supply and distribution, sanitary sewers, and sewage collection and treatment; and,
(c) Designate land suitable for annexation to the municipality and the recommended zoning classification for such land upon annexation;

(5) To recommend changes, from time to time, in the official comprehensive plan;

(6) To prepare and recommend to the Mayor and Council, from time to time, plans for specific improvements in pursuance of the official comprehensive plan;

(7) To give aid to the municipal officials charged with the direction of projects for improvements embraced within the official plan, to further the making of these projects, and, generally, to promote the realization of the official comprehensive plan; 

(8) To hold public hearings in matters pertaining to applications for special use and amendments, and to submit reports to the Mayor and Council setting forth its findings and recommendations; and,

(9) To exercise such other powers as may be conferred by the Mayor and Council.

Board Members
–  7 member board; initial terms of P&Z Commission are noted below; successor terms are for four (4) years.

Kevin Hibbits: One-year term, expiring April 30, 2023

Ryan Russ: One-year term, expiring April 30, 2023

Scott Whitebone: Two-year term, expiring April 30, 2024

Sarah Moloney: Two-year term, expiring April 30, 2024

Kerri McBride: Three-year term, expiring April 30, 2025

Paul Price: Three-year term, expiring April 30, 2025

Marsha East, Chairperson: Three-year term, expiring April 30, 2025

Other Associates

Steve Glinke – Director of Public Health and Safety, Village of Forest Park

Nick Peppers – Storino, Ramello & Durkin

Brian Baugh – Storino, Ramello & Durkin

Courtney Kashima – Muse Community Design

05/20/2024 PZC Meeting Agenda 

May 20, 2024 Packet

04/15/24 PZC Meeting Agenda        PZC Packet 711 Desplaines       PZC Packet Batch 1

03/18/24 PZC Meeting/Workshop Agenda

02/20/24 PZC Meeting/Workshop Agenda

Meeting Information

By telephone:
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
Webinar ID: 875 1504 3223
Passcode: 343629
Link to Live Zoom – January 16, 2024 Meeting

01/16/24 PZC Agenda                      PZC Documents 7457 Washington

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11/20/23 (PZC) Agenda

11/20/23 PZC Documents

09/18/2023 (PZC)

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