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Public Works


The Department of Streets and Public Improvements
The Department of Public Property

7343 W. 15th Street
Forest Park, IL 60130
Phone 708-366-4876

The Forest Park Public Works Division is comprised of two departments, the Department of Streets and Public Improvements and the Department of Public Property. Its mission is to provide the highest level of Quality Customer Service to those who live and work within the corporate limits of Forest Park. Staff is dedicated to providing the community with safe & clean streets, a sound infrastructure, proper sanitation and drinking water, safe parks, and much more.

Operating out of the Public Works Facility located at 15th and Hannah Avenue, the Department of Streets and Public Improvements and the Department of Public Property have a wide-range of responsibilities that include, but are not limited to, the following:

· Refuse removal
· Village Recycling Program
· Snow Removal of all Public Streets, Alleyways, Sidewalks and Village Parking Lots
· Asphalt Patching of all Streets and Alleyways
· Installing and Removing of all Traffic Control Signage
· Stripping Painting and Maintaining all Safety Zones and Traffic Flow Patters
· Street Sweeping Services
· Installation and Maintenance of Street Lights and Traffic Signals
· Repairs to Sidewalks and Parkways
· Tree Trimming, Planting and all Other Forestry Needs on all Public Property; including Parkways
· Maintenance of all Four Village Parks
· Maintenance of all Public Buildings
· Maintenance of Village Parking Lots and Parking Meters as well as Collection of Coins from Meters
· Supervision of the Fleet Services Department, which Maintains all the Vehicles Owned by the Village

Click here to view the Village’s specifications for public improvements.