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Village Administrator: Rachell Entler- rentler@forestpark.net 

The village administrator is the chief administrative officer of the village and is responsible to the mayor and to the combined village council for the administration and operation of all of the day to day affairs of the village. Unless otherwise directed by the village council, the village administrator shall have the administration and control of all matters and things pertaining to the operation and maintenance of the properties of the village and of all departments of the village. He shall perform his duties in conformity with the rules in the village. Specifically, but not in limitation of the above, he shall have the following additional powers and duties:

The village administrator shall make or cause to be made all necessary purchases of supplies and equipment for all departments of the village and, for that purpose, the village administrator is authorized to make expenditures without approval from the village council that are consistent with the purchasing ordinance of the village; provided, however, that all expenditures and payments, regardless of the amount, shall be subject to the confirmation or approval of the village council and to the limitations imposed by law, ordinance and/or budget or special appropriation.

The village administrator attends all meetings of the village council, investigates all complaints in relation to matters concerning village services and the village administration, and may, when requested by the commissioner in charge of a department, recommend the appointment and/or discharge of an employee, exclusive of employees and officers of the police department and regular firefighters under the jurisdiction of the board of fire and police commissioners. Subject to final approval of the village council, the village administrator may consolidate, combine or reorganize any departments under his jurisdiction. 

The village administrator is the Americans with Disabilities Coordinator for the village of Forest Park.