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Environmental Control Commission


The commission shall serve to promote and ensure the cleanliness of water and air; promote the protection of the public’s health, safety, and welfare as it relates to environmental sustainability, promote the conservation of natural resources and protection of the environment, provide educational information as may pertain to the quality of life within the village as it relates to environmental sustainability, make recommendations to the village council for adoption of policies, programs and/or goals which would improve or sustain the environment of the village. Meets the 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm in the lower level of Village Hall. Contact Rachell Entler (rentler@forestpark.net) for assistance.

The ECC will also serve as part of the Village’s Cross Community Climate Collaboration (C4) Sustainability team.

Board Members  (Mayor Hoskins appoints board members) –  7 member board, 4 year term

Scott Whitebone – Chair  (term expires 04/30/2023)

Etta Worthington – (term expires 04/30/2023)

William Gerst – (term expires 04/30/2023)

Jessica Rinks – (term expires 04/30/2023)

Karen Rozmus – (term expires 04/30/2023)

David Gulyas – (term expires 04/30/2023)

William Ho – (term expires 04/30/2023)

ECC Meeting Agenda – January 24, 2024

ECC Meeting Agenda – November 29, 2023

ECC Meeting Agenda – October 25, 2023

ECC Meeting Agenda – September 27, 2023

ECC Meeting Agenda – July 26, 2023

ECC Meeting Agenda – June 28, 2023

ECC Meeting Agenda – May 24, 2023

ECC Meeting Agenda – April 26, 2023

ECC Meeting Agenda – March 22, 2023

ECC Special Meeting Agenda – March 8 2023