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West Nile Virus


PRESS RELEASE – June 2, 2023

With the return of warm temperatures coupled with drier conditions during May, the production of mosquitoes involved in the transmission of West Nile Virus (WNV) is on the increase. WNV positive mosquito samples have been found in northern Cook County, and it is only a matter of time when positive samples will be found in our area. While the risk of WNV transmission is still low at this time, amplification of WNV within the adult mosquito population will occur.

Residents are encouraged to use a common sense approach in avoiding exposure to adult mosquitoes and any potential mosquito-borne diseases. Window screens should be inspected and repaired if damaged to prevent mosquitoes from entering the home. In addition, any openings around window air conditioners, clothes dryer vents, etc. should be eliminated for the same reason. If possible, avoid outdoor activities around dusk. If not possible, wear shoes, socks, long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Loose fitting, light colored clothing is best. Appropriate use of insect repellents per manufacturer’s instructions is recommended.

Residents should look for potential mosquito breeding sources around the home and take the following simple steps:

1) Throw away all trash that can hold water as cans, jars, bottles, etc.

2) Clean rain gutters/downspouts to prevent water from standing in gutters or on flat roofs.

3) Change water in bird baths, wading pools, etc. at least once a week.

4) Maintain swimming pools properly.

5) Remove or turn over containers, buckets, wheel barrows, etc. which may accumulate water.

6) Screen rain barrels to prevent adult mosquitoes from depositing eggs on the water’s surface.

7) Aerate ornamental ponds and stock with goldfish or other surface-feeding fish to control

mosquito production.

8) Dispose of any used tires without rims to prevent water accumulation.

For additional information, please visit the District’s website at www.desplainesvalleymad.com

Partial Closures on Jackson Blvd – Wednesday, May 31

On Wednesday, May 31st, starting at 7am until the work is completed, Jackson Blvd from Desplaines to Madison Street will allow limited traffic in order to install a new water main into the 7700 block of Wilcox.

Jackson Blvd will be closed westbound at Desplaines, but limited traffic will be allowed to travel eastbound on Jackson in order to exit to Desplaines Ave.

Jackson Blvd will be closed southbound at Madison but limited traffic will be allowed to travel northbound on Jackson in order to exit at Madison St.

Residents in the 7600 blocks will still be able to exit at Jackson Blvd.

Front Yard Fridays

In partnership with Public Works Week, May 21-27, and the Recreation Board’s Spring Clean-Up Event on Saturday, May 27th we would like to invite you to participate in Front Yard Friday on May 26th!

Public Works Week is a busy week for our public works department. Along with the usual work that they do to keep the village beautiful and running smoothly, we have our Electronics Recycling event! All week long we are accepting electronics, furniture, scrap metal, motor oil and more! Folks love this amazing recycling event and often use it as a kick-off for their spring cleaning at home.

As we clean-up inside our homes, we are inviting folks to step outside and pick up around their front yards too. Our public works department cleans up litter all week long and it is one of those seemingly endless tasks. If we all pick up just the little bit in our yards, we reduce the amount that ends up blowing around all over town! While this can be done all week long, Fridays are especially helpful as we go into the weekend when there is not village staff on hand to pick up. We can keep this going all summer long and you may meet a neighbor or two while you are out there!

So, please keep in mind a few great events this week:

Public Works Week – If you see the crew out and about give them a big “Thank You!” for all of their hard work throughout the year.

The Forest Park Police Department join Illinois ‘Click It or Ticket’ campaign to save lives.

The Forest Park Police Department today announced it is stepping up enforcement for the Memorial Day “Click It or Ticket” campaign that will run May 19- 30 and reminds motorists to buckle up for safety. “Click It or Ticket” leverages education and enforcement to save lives.

“Seat belts have proven to be life-saving in the event of a crash,” said Chief Ken Gross. “Unfortunately, many still don’t buckle up. Worse yet, not wearing a seat belt is a habit that can be passed on to younger generations who follow the example set by their elders.”

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer, a popular time for traveling to visit family and friends. Whether you are traveling down the block or across the country, make sure you buckle up every time. Wearing a seat belt can reduce the risk of fatal injury by 45%. Seat belts save lives every day, but they’re only effective if they’re used.

While Illinois currently has a 93% seat belt use compliance rate, unbelted occupants still account for more than half of those killed in motor vehicle crashes. The simple click of a seat belt could save thousands of lives each year.

The “Click It or Ticket” campaign is administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation with federal highway safety funds.

Village Clerk’s Office Hours Changes

Village Clerk’s Office Hour Changes

Starting on Monday, May 15th, the Village Clerk’s Office window will be open for walk-in traffic between the hours of 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Residents and customers are encouraged to utilize the Village’s online resources available on our website (www.forestpark.net) as well as the secured drop box that is located outside of the front door of Village Hall. If needed, envelopes will be available for one’s use in the lobby of Village Hall to accommodate payments and paper submissions in the drop box. Also, all are encouraged to utilize the direct phone numbers and email addresses of applicable Village departments in efforts to provide remote assistance during those hours prior to 1 p.m.