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Announcement ~Dog Park Key Required for Entry starting May 1st _Renew or Complete your Permit Application as early as April 30th~

Starting Saturday, May 1st the Dog Park at 632 Circle Avenue will be locked.  A key is required for entrance and will be issued to Permit Holders only.   Residents can obtain their key at permit renewal time  and/or  upon submitting a Dog Park Permit Application as early as April 30th.  The lock installation at the entrance will provide additional security for those using the facility.

Reminder – As of April 1st Vehicle Stickers Must be Displayed

Click here to view image.  Purchase online or stop by Village Hall (Mon.-Fri. 8am – 5pm).  

Vehicle Stickers and Municipal Parking Lot Permits both are available online for purchase.    Click on the “Payment” icon above.   All major credit cards are accepted *fees apply*