Safety & Traffic Commission

ALL BOARD AND COMMISSIONS Scheduled Committee meetings are cancelled until further notice.  

Scheduled Boards and Commissions are cancelled until further notice.  However, if a meeting is required you may consider the option of a free-conference call meeting (all normal meeting processes and procedures apply, remember to contact the village).  Contact Tanzla ( if you need assistance.

Mayor Hoskins

At the direction of the Village Council, the commission investigates traffic related issues and recommends to the Village Council rules and regulations concerning the operation of vehicles and the movement of pedestrians on the roadways, including the locations of traffic signals and safety zones.   The Safety & Traffic Commission meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:00 in the lower level of Village Hall.

Board Members  (Mayor Hoskins appoints board members) – 7 member board, 4 year

Commissioner Nero

Jeanne Coatar

Michael Smith

Terrance McMahon

Mike Halfpenny

Kathleen Gerrans

Richard Leib 

Open Seat