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Fire and Police Commission


01/09/24 Special Meeting Agenda

11/03/23 Special Meeting Agenda

08/07/23 Special Meeting Agenda

07/12/23 Special Meeting Agenda

07/06/23 Special Meeting Agenda

06/20/23 Special Meeting Agenda

05/16/2023 Special Meeting Agenda

04/13/2023 Special Meeting Agenda

03/27/2023 Special Meeting Agenda

03/02/23 Special Meeting Agenda

02/15/23 & 02/16/23 Special Meeting Agenda

The Board of Fire and Police Commissioners is appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the village council. They oversee the hiring, promoting, and dismissing of the civil servants (Fire & Police personnel) within the Village of Forest Park, as prescribed by state law. The Board conducts their regular public meeting the 3rd Thursday of every month at 5:00 pm in the lower level of the Village Hall. Eligibility postings for all positions within the Police and Fire Departments are available below or at the Forest Park Village Hall, 517 Des Plaines Avenue. Contact Dora Murphy (dmurphy@forestpark.net) for assistance.

Board Members  (Mayor Hoskins appoints board members) –  3 member board, 3 year terms

Cara Smith (Chairperson) – term expires 04/30/2023)

Fitzgerald Bramwell – (term expires 04/30/2024)

Tim Gillian – (term expires 04/30/2025)

Eligibility Lists

Police Officer Eligibility List 07-07-23

Police Officer Sergeant and Lieutenant Eligibility List 12-6-2022

Firefighter/Paramedic Eligibility List February 2024

Fire Department Eligibility List

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