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Board of Health

The Village of Forest Park Board of Health shall consist of five (5) members, one of whom shall serve as chair of the board and one as secretary of the board. All members shall be residents of the village and shall serve for a period of five (5) years.
All members shall be appointed by the mayor by and with the consent of the village council, to serve without compensation. (Ord. O-10-02, 3-25-2002; amd. Ord. O-13-23, 2-27-2023).
Meetings of the board shall be held monthly at such times and places as the board shall from time to time direct. (Ord. O-13-23, 2-27-2023).
The board shall adopt such rules and regulations as it may deem proper for the conduct of its work, and shall make recommendations to the village council on matters pertaining to the public health of the village, including but not limited to mental and physical health. (Village Code §§ 1-75, 1-76; amd. Ord. O-13-23, 2-27-2023).
For more information regarding the Board of Health, please contact Rachell Entler at rentler@forestpark.net.
Mishawn Purnell- O’Neal- Chair (term expires 04/30/2028)
Leah Shapiro (term expires 04/30/2028)
Susan Buss (term expires 04/30/2028)
Karen Considine (term expires 04/30/2028)
Lindsey Baish-Flynn (term expires 04/30/2028)