Recreation Board

ALL BOARD AND COMMISSIONS Scheduled Committee meetings are cancelled until further notice.  

Scheduled Boards and Commissions are cancelled until further notice.  However, if a meeting is required you may consider the option of a free-conference call meeting (all normal meeting processes and procedures apply, remember to contact the village).  Contact Tanzla ( if you need assistance.

Commissioner Voogd

The mission of the recreation board is to influence the maintenance, safety and improvement of village parks and playgrounds. The board shall design, create and implement a park and playground safety program consisting of regular and structured inspections of village parks and playgrounds. Inspections shall be made by voting board members and findings logged and reported to the full board for discussion and resolution. They shall draft an annual report of their findings to the Village Council for budgetary consideration and goal setting. Where immediate action is required, the board members shall make such report directly to the director of public property. The board shall act as a conduit through which residents may communicate with the department of public property as to concerns, requests and comments regarding the park equipment and grounds.  (Mayor Hoskins appoints board members)   7 member board, 5 year staggered term

Board Members  (Mayor Hoskins appoints board members)   7 member board, 5 year staggered term

Jordan Kuehn –  Acting Chair

Jenna Smith 

Roy Sansone

Bob Dorneker

Amy Binns-Calvey

Monica Angelo

Nick Feczko

Brittany Tamul

Ex-officio: Commissioner Jessica Voogd and Public Works Director John Doss