Village of Forest Park

If you cannot decide whether to live in a big city or a small town, here is a cool suggestion for you – the village of Forest Park in Illinois, close to Chicago. This place satisfies the desires of both people looking for crowded locations as well as lovely, quiet areas sometimes.

Why is Village of Forest Park so great?

When Chicago gets too busy and too loud, Village of Forest Park is waiting for you. It will take you only twenty minutes to get there from Chicago. Besides that, our village’s authorities have come up with an excellent choice for the people commuting to Chicago.

It is now able to offer special travel cards for every-day transportation to and from Chicago. The decision was made by the US Environmental Protection Agency as well as Chicago’s Pollution Prevention Unit.

This act was possible thanks to the involvement and supporting of some national companies – Regional Transportation Authority from Chicago. Their goal is to have less parking places and more parks. This is the Environment Agencies’ first goal too.

Another company that has invested time and effort in this project was PayDay All Day, Inc. It also owns Payday All Day and that was how they spread the info among residents and not only. It was a big deal for Forest Park to let people know about such an opportunity and PayDay All Day managed to do that throughout the company and their customers. PayDay All Day’s employees can enjoy the new transportation facility, and so can the employees of other big businesses from Chicago.

More cool facts about Forest Park

Besides the advantage of offering special cards for commuting from Chicago to Forest Park and back, this location has also got recreational activities. It includes various shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and other places that will impress you with their uniqueness. Our website offers the full list of Shopping and Diningplaces in Forest Park.

You also have access to a wide range of reasonably priced houses, excellent education facilities, active communities that a family will value indeed. If you need an alternative to the travel card with Regional Transportation Authority, you can always choose the CTA Elevated Trains (both the Green and Blue lines), the Metra, and the Eisenhower Expressway. To find out more about Forest Park’s history you can access Chicago’s Encyclopedia online.