Video Gaming Forum Schduled for July 12th at 6:30

The Village of Forest Park will host an official public forum to discuss information known about Video Gaming. This forum makes good on a promise made by Mayor Calderone and the Village Council in May of this year when, after pressured by local businesses, the subject of Video Gaming in Forest Park resurfaced. The Mayor waited until July to host the forum as one elected official was out of the country during the month of June and in the name of fairness, postponed hosting the event until the Commissioner’s return. The forum will be inclusive of knowledgeable and experienced authorities on both sides of the coin who will take questions and provide feedback based upon firsthand familiarity with the topic. Other panelists will include local opponents and proponents as well as a government official to clarify questions on local rule. The event will be moderated by Forest Park National Bank official Erik Fjeldstad and will take place on July 12th in the lower level of Village Hall at 6:30 pm. “The subject of Video Gaming came up last year in our budget session by Commissioner Novak as a possible new revenue source but beyond that we haven’t revisited this subject until recently,” said Mayor Calderone. “Apparently a movement beyond Village Hall began and many folks passionate about the issue have come to address the council. That’s really been the catalyst for this forum and the current conversation in the community,” he added. The intent of this forum is purely for informational purposes and to help folks clarify questions that have surfaced around town and through social media.