Plans to conduct a public forum on the topic of Video Gaming in May postponed

Recent discussions about Video Gaming on the Council floor directed staff to coordinate a public forum with a balanced member panel to be held on a “to be determined” Saturday in the month of May. Ideally the panel would consist of respected representatives in both opposition and in favor of the gaming law. Council members identified panelists they hoped to have participate which included some members from a recent forum in Riverside, IL, and added to the list representatives from towns similar to Forest Park who both allow and prohibit video gaming. Coordinating the availability of panelists and elected officials has been struggle for staff and the month of May proved impossible. Given the fact that one elected official will be unavailable for the entire month of June, the forum will be postponed until sometime in July. The Village of Forest Park will do all things necessary to make the public aware of the date of the forum once determined.