Outdoor Public Art Project proposed for Circle Bridge

Seeking volunteers with a fondness for Art!

The Commissioner of Public Property for the Village of Forest Park is seeking resident volunteers to serve on a committee to help administer a public art project slated for summer 2017.

The project seeks community organizations, businesses, and families to adopt, (free of charge), a concrete section of the Circle Avenue Bridge on the interior adjacent to the sidewalk and create a unique piece of artwork, beautifying the bridge. 

A committee is needed to oversee the project and will perform such things as the creation of an application, setting guidelines, determining acceptable products for use along the bridge, review design submissions from applicants, create flyers & posters promoting public art project, and other such duties necessary to see the project through to the end.  

If you or someone you know has any interest in serving, kindly email Jessica Voogd at jvoogd@forestpark.net