New Police Policy incorporates the use of NARCAN

The Forest Park Police Department has adopted a new policy where officers will now carry two doses of the lifesaving opiate antidote NARCAN, and will be trained in its use over the next couple of months.

The effects of NARCAN are instantaneous and will take an unconscious overdose victim and bring them back to consciousness long enough for transportation to the nearest hospital for treatment. “Oftentimes it’s the police officer who discovers an overdose victim and time is of the essence. NARCAN can provide these victims with those few precious moments needed for the ambulance to arrive and get them to the hospital before brain damage or worse occurs,” said Chief Aftanas.  

The NARCAN antidote is administered through the nasal cavity with the use of a prefilled spay syringe. According to the Chief, three officers will be sent for formal training performed by the DuPage County Health Department and will return to train other officers at the Police Department.  

Mayor Calderone added, “Sadly our region is seeing a greater number of heroin overdose victims. I’m proud of our Department for instituting this lifesaving measure.”